17 January, 2013

dark grey and mustard...

This colour combination continues to be on my mind...
Here is a little SunchiB combo - laptop bag and a hot water bottle cozy!

The laptop bag features an upholstered button and a crocheted button loop which secures the flap.

Featured in the photo is the 2013 BRAND NEW DESIGN for the hot water bottle cozies. This cozy has a shorter closing flap, showing more of an entrelac knitting pattern. Also, the pattern around the collar is the 'seed stitch' pattern which gives a different look.

The sides are joined using seamless sewing stitch, which allows the diamonds to align perfectly.

The cozy is lined up with the felt, securing the pattern in place and preventing the knitting from any stretching. These cozies are gorgeous, my kids are all using them and they very much enjoy snuggling with them when their tummies are aching or during the cold winter nights.

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