18 July, 2012

Sharing the Etsy Love ♥

Joining Etsy in January 2012, has given me an amazing oportunity to meet some amazing artists who produce some amazing things with love and with their heart. Here are several artists that I am sharing with you today, so please click on the links below to check their lovely handmade products.

Julie Smith from 'sesenarts'
Lisa Ardagh from from 'MetalForFishes'
Gill Cordiner from 'gillthecat'
Cat from 'BananaMonkeyLove'
Kell from 'BlackcurrantShop' 
Sally Anna from 'SallyAnnaBoutique'
Kate Stevens from 'ceramicsnippets
Kristen Till from 'decorateyoucraft
Sara Ward from 'TheWoollyCollective'
Julia Heart from 'juliaheartfelt
Lin Reading from 'shop/slinkylizard

04 July, 2012

Hot Water Bottle Sweater for little girl's room (100% acrylic)

Here comes a gorgeous 'hot water bottle cozy' for a little girl's room! It is knitted by me in Entrelac Knitting, one of my favorite knitting patterns. It is rich in texture but very soft to snuggle with. It is made with 100% acrylic yarn. This 'hot water bottle cozy' is knitted in one piece and it is lined with acrylic felt for extra strength and durability.

For decorative purposes, the buttons on this cozy are hand covered in matching colour linen.

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