24 August, 2011


she-bunny  by 'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl

she-bunny , a photo by 'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl on Flickr.
I found this pattern in Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine, Fall '99 and fell in love with it. The original bunny was a boy but since it was requested by my daughter I adapted the design to a little girls' liking. The main body of the She-Bunny is made using 'Patons' Jet (30% alpaca, 70% wool) and for the shortalls, I used bamboo cotton. How do you like?

23 August, 2011

Textures , Colours and Ideas

I indulged myself today in a two hour visit to Spotlight. With some ideas in my mind for the upcoming projects, I thought I'd go and have a look, mix and match. Usually, I don't know what I need, but as soon I am there surrounded with the fabric, wool, cotton threads, buttons, knitting and crocheting needles my mind starts buzzing and before you know it, I have stacks of colours and materials under my arm. Isn't it just the case, it takes time to design an item! What materials, what patterns, what colours... so many whats? So, here it is! Just so that I can look at it and let my ideas evolve... Out of this lot I might  come up with a rug,  a scarf or maybe even something else???

15 August, 2011

Looking for inspiration - thinking of my next project

Now that I have finished the rug for Garcelle's room, my mind is wandering again. I love knitting, crocheting, wool, textured materials, raw wood and natural tones. I find inspiration in these over and over again. So, while I am thinking over what to make next, I might leave you all with a couple of images from the amazing home of knitting designer, Ineke Visser, all the way from Finland. This home was featured in ELLE Interior, and the photographer is Morten Holtum.

This is Ineke's production corner

I fell in love with this home as soon as I saw it. It is where natural materials meet and live in harmony. To me it offers tranquility and it is a place where inspiration would come to you naturally.


12 August, 2011

Sunchi B presents her first design - a crocheted floor rug for a little girl's room

The  pink and soft green crocheted rug is now finished. It was so much fun doing a photo shoot in Garcelle's room this morning. The toys on the rug are Garcelle's input. The kids love walking on it, it is so soft and gentle on the feet.

For an up close look, here is a snap shot:

09 August, 2011

Giant knit scarf with a smaller red rose

Well, it needs to be left to a personal choice... but just for the sake of comparison, here is the same scarf with a smaller red rose featuring distinguished rose petals.

06 August, 2011

'giant knit' scarf with a crochet rose

I had some leftover wool and I wanted to knit a scarf with giant needles, to make the scarf light and flowing. Adding a crocheted rose adds a bit of interest. Is it maybe too big...? Maybe a smaller one...?

I looked around in a search of a rose pattern that shows the petals more distinguished. And there it was, a great pattern for a rose on The Dark Knit blog. Click on the link for the written instructions on how to make it.  After many attempts, here is the rose with distinguished rose petals. 

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