17 December, 2014

Giant cable lounge room throw

This hand kitted loungeroom throw is done in giant cables using 20mm knitting needles. It is very heavy, as all of my giant knit throws; this one weighs 3.6 kg. When spread out, the pattern really stands out and as such it makes it into a gorgeous addition to any loungeroom or bedroom. I choose to make my throws using 100% acrylic which is very easy to maintain. The throws can be easily washed without having to worry whether the throw will lose its shape or shrink in size.

06 September, 2014

He - Bunny for little boys

This is a one weekend project - hand knitted bunny, pattern I found in Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine, Fall '99. You can check out here my version of a She-Bunny, absolutely adored by my daughter Garcelle. Now her little twin brother has his own bunny to show off, He-Bunny. It was so much fun to knit; the garments are the most fun to make as you can play with different types of wool as well as stitching patterns.

The new bunny is settling quite well in our home; blending in with some of the natural décor elements... or  

happy to lounge around... not too long before kids get here and get a snuggle!

09 May, 2014

Crocheted Lounge Room Floor Rug

Designed for the Industrial Cart Coffee Tables that love the freedom of movement!
The chunky stitches of the floor rug are ideal for securing the wheels in place making the coffee table stationary for everyday use. Made using 100% Indian Cotton.

04 May, 2014

Hooded Snood in the cable knit with an upholstered giant button

I found this pattern on Deramores website and I simply fell in love it... So I ordered a pattern and the wool and here comes the most beautiful hooded snood. Winter is slowly creeping up here in Australia and this lovely hooded snood has been already out keeping my neck nice and warm. Because I love big buttons I slightly changed the design and instead of 3 smaller buttons, here you can see one giant size button upholstered in dark grey Indian cotton.

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