24 September, 2011

Something for inspriation

I am knitting, crocheting and designing as I go, with many new ideas in my head... Whilst I am very busy working on all of this and not much to show in terms of finished product, I thought I'd leave my blog page with this inspirational photo that I found in "INSIDE OUT" magazine, Jul-Aug 2008, photo by Sam McAdam. 'Sunchi B' is all about home accessories, and as very soon there will be a range of cushions coming, this seems like a very inspirational shot worth sharing!

20 September, 2011

Getting used to the 'Giant Knit'!

I love 'Giant Knit'... you need to hold the yarn quite loose so that your knitting needles can flow from one stitch to the other. Trudi Pollard, a recognised WA artist, mentioned recently that when she does stitching, she calls it 'dolphining' - because of the way the needle goes up and down. She may have just added a new word to the English dictionary! When I do the giant knit, it reminds me of exactly that, the ocean, and gliding on the waves... like a form of meditation....

19 September, 2011

Light Summer Bag - Inspiration starter

I got nearly 6 meters of this light gray fabric from a wonderful artist Trish Bygott on my recent visit to her very inspirational boutique in Fremantle. I thought I might use it to make a light summer bag. Today I spent time preparing this fabric for my crochet / knit  bag project (time will tell which one will it be). It is such a wonderful natural colour that can be combined with stronger tones to add a bit of glamour. So, as I was cutting this fabric, colour combinations were storming through my mind and then I remembered that I used to have a bright  green,  satin colour skirt that I can't fit into anymore that might just work the wonders with this light gray.

Still brainstorming, but thinking a light summer bag... maybe?

Light Summer Bag in progress

15 September, 2011

Madam Bukeshla boutique - Design & Stitich

What a wonderful inspirational day in Fremantle today! WRAY AV. is just an amazing street in which you can find so much food for thought. Madam Bukeshla boutique is an adorable, amazing, creative corner created by the owner Trish Bygott - Clothing Designer, Stitcher and a creator of unique and inspirational garments . Here you can find a treasury of wonderful fabrics and hand made clothing items, jewelry, toys, decorative baskets, wall hangings and many other items that simply take your breath away. If you are looking for an inspiration, food for thought, go and visit this amazing artisan  in her amazing boutique / studio. With Trish's permission here are couple of photos that I took today! THANK YOU Madam Bukeshla!

Shop window - piece of art in itself!
The treasury of art pieces
Madam Bukeshla at work with with her amazing collection of fabrics in her studio

13 September, 2011

Giant Crochet Floor Rug - work in progress

Rug is slowly coming along. I am crocheting this rug using two strips of fabric, both 100% cotton, one is thick calico and the other is Indian Rib cotton. The calico helps Indian cotton stay in place.  Here is the first preview:

12 September, 2011

Cup Cozy with Bobbles

I came across a cup cozy while searching for different knitting patterns and I fell in love with the idea. We have all heard of tea pot cozies, so when you think about it, why shouldn't our cup of coffee be cozy too. Isn't just the best thing about having a hot cup of tea or coffee holding your cup to warm up your hands and enjoying the smell of the hot drink? Add to that the wonderful texture of pure wool and a decorative button to keep the cozy in place and you've got yourself a very delicious beverage with a cozy that could act as a conversation piece too. ENJOY!

This cozy is made out of 100% wool (Cleckheaton - Country Tartan, 8ply)

I used bobble pattern here, the bobbles remind me of the coffee beans and with the colour brown it makes the perfect match for those who enjoy their coffee. I know I am!

New Project - floor rug

I bought some natural cotton today in light beige and dark gray. I like how those two colours mix together.  I cut them into 1.5 cm strips which seems rather wide, but since I am planning to use a chunkier knit, wider strips might work well. Yet another project that will evolve as I go... it's just so important to know how different fabrics work with crochet and knitting needles.

01 September, 2011

Hand-knitted necklace in a twist

I am obsessed with scarves at the moment. However, up until now I have never attempted knitting a necklace. This one is knitted in 7 strips comprising  three main colours that are bonded at the back of the neck. I used two patterns, moss and plain knit pattern which I alternated between colours.  This necklace could be worn also as plain, meaning all strips of colour laying next to each other, but it somehow just seemed natural to me to twist them and then secure them in the three loop pendant. What do you think?

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