12 September, 2011

Cup Cozy with Bobbles

I came across a cup cozy while searching for different knitting patterns and I fell in love with the idea. We have all heard of tea pot cozies, so when you think about it, why shouldn't our cup of coffee be cozy too. Isn't just the best thing about having a hot cup of tea or coffee holding your cup to warm up your hands and enjoying the smell of the hot drink? Add to that the wonderful texture of pure wool and a decorative button to keep the cozy in place and you've got yourself a very delicious beverage with a cozy that could act as a conversation piece too. ENJOY!

This cozy is made out of 100% wool (Cleckheaton - Country Tartan, 8ply)

I used bobble pattern here, the bobbles remind me of the coffee beans and with the colour brown it makes the perfect match for those who enjoy their coffee. I know I am!

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