12 April, 2012

Country Style - Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Etrelac Knitting is one of my favorite patterns because it is just so rich in texture and it is perfect for putting contrasting colours together. We are so lucky here in Australia to have such a wonderful range of wool as well as colour combinations. This one is PATON wool ( 50% wool, 30 acrylic, 20% alpaca). 

This one is in chocolate and cream colour only, but there will be several more color combinations available through my Etsy store.

This Hot Water Bottle Cozy is knitted in one piece and it requires advanced techniques in knitting, working subtraction and adding around the neck of the bottle cozy to maintain that seamless knitting pattern. The main body of cozy is lined up with calico to add extra strength and durability.

03 April, 2012

Hand crocheted bag with a burgundy flap

Burgundy variation of my hand crocheted bag!

This bag has been really popular and has received a lot of complements. It  is so versatile, since for the flap of the bag I use different materials, (wool, cotton, linen, satin...). On top of that, it is a very durable bag and adds really nice chunky detail to your outfit. 

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