23 December, 2012


Christmas is just around the corner!
Thank you to all followers of my blog for their support. 
It has been another year of creation, new ideas and great networking.
I am very pleased with my giant throws and look forward to sharing new colours
and designs with you in the new year.

Keep in touch and stay tuned!
Sunchi  ♥

08 December, 2012

Tea Pot Cozy that comes with Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner... Festive, festive, festive!!!
This tea pot cozy is made of left over wool from the projects I worked on earlier in this year. I wanted to create a cozy that incorporates the giant knit that I am so in love with. I also wanted to learn a double cable knit... it looks so fantastic and rich on throws so I thought I'd start small and try make one on the tea pot cozy.

Here it is, my double cable knit... looking so stunning... don't you think? Only, next time I think I might try and go for a lighter colour because it seems to get lost in the dark wool knit. 

Here is my tea pot cozy photoed from the front. I thought that adding a silky ribbon would make it more festive, I guess I am all in the Christmas Season, feeling a bit festive and luxurious. I think that it would make any morning tea or brunch even more special. Pom pom at the top is there to accessorize but also to keep the tea super warm. 

19 November, 2012

Giant Knit Throw - Design for Girls

This is a beautiful hand knitted throw designed for a little girl's room. It is a very soft shade of lilac colour that compliments most of the colours. It took me a while to get the measurements of this throw right but I finally got it. It is generous in size; 90 cm in width and 150 cm in length. This yarn is super chunky and it is made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool, so it is very soft under the skin. Throw like this uses 2kg of wool, so whilst it makes a statement in the room it is very cozy to snuggle up with too.

My little Garcelle is very much enjoying it! Just the other night she snuggled up with her visiting school friend Happy Hippo under the throw and they shared the Dr Seuss story!

16 November, 2012

Hot Water Bottle Cozy - design for boys

My latest cozy designed for boys comes in red & grey. It is complementary in color to the red hand crocheted floor rug that I made earlier in the year (shown in the photo). 

The cozy is lined up the whole length to keep the pattern in shape and is easily removable and washable. It is bright in color and great for children to snuggle up with in cold winter months or when the tummy is aching.

16 September, 2012

'SunchiB' PATTERN for the Hot Water Bottle Sweater

(available now in my Etsy store)

I love Entrelac knitting! It is rich in texture and perfect for making great colour combos. Featured below is the 'SunchiB' hot water bottle sweater, the pattern now available in my Ravelry store. In this post, I thought I'd share with you the process that goes into making this cozy. It is well worth the effort... enjoy,  :) 

This sweater is knitted in one piece, which requires the shaping of Entralac Diamonds around the neck of this hot water bottle. This is probably the trickiest part when knitting this cozy (detailed in the pattern). It requires the sewing of one of the triangles, as shown in pic 2B and the rest is knitted in a simple entrelac knitting pattern.  

When the knitting part is finished, it is necessary to stitch in all the loose ends, so that our knitting looks neat and seamless. The sweater is lined with the 'acrylic felt', explained in my knitting pattern. We cut out the lining felt to match the knitted sweater and attach it to the knitted sweater by sewing the two together. To make sure that the lining is not moving, we hand-stitch the lining to the sweater using the blanket stitch along the bottom edge, as shown in the photo below.

The long sides of the sweater are then sewn using the sewing machine. Finally, we stitch up the felt along the other end of the sweater, using the blanket stitch.

It is a good idea to insert the bottle now, just to make sure that everything fits together before we finish the last part, which is the sewing of the sides of the sweater. It is best to use the 'mattress stitch seam', as we want the diamonds to be aligned and flowing from one to another. Mattress stitch seam will do a perfect job. 

After you finish one side, your sweater should look something like this. Repeat the process on the other side.

Ta da, now you have one great and stylish looking hot water bottle sweater.
Happy knitting from SunchiB! ♥

18 July, 2012

Sharing the Etsy Love ♥

Joining Etsy in January 2012, has given me an amazing oportunity to meet some amazing artists who produce some amazing things with love and with their heart. Here are several artists that I am sharing with you today, so please click on the links below to check their lovely handmade products.

Julie Smith from 'sesenarts'
Lisa Ardagh from from 'MetalForFishes'
Gill Cordiner from 'gillthecat'
Cat from 'BananaMonkeyLove'
Kell from 'BlackcurrantShop' 
Sally Anna from 'SallyAnnaBoutique'
Kate Stevens from 'ceramicsnippets
Kristen Till from 'decorateyoucraft
Sara Ward from 'TheWoollyCollective'
Julia Heart from 'juliaheartfelt
Lin Reading from 'shop/slinkylizard

04 July, 2012

Hot Water Bottle Sweater for little girl's room (100% acrylic)

Here comes a gorgeous 'hot water bottle cozy' for a little girl's room! It is knitted by me in Entrelac Knitting, one of my favorite knitting patterns. It is rich in texture but very soft to snuggle with. It is made with 100% acrylic yarn. This 'hot water bottle cozy' is knitted in one piece and it is lined with acrylic felt for extra strength and durability.

For decorative purposes, the buttons on this cozy are hand covered in matching colour linen.

28 June, 2012

Writing my first knitting pattern - Entrelac Knitting

To all of you who do check in from time to time on my blog and who like to stay in touch with my creations,  'THANK YOU' ! It was nice to learn what people liked and showed the most interest in. My hot water bottle cozy has received several compliments and I am thrilled that it has received some attention. 

I have received one request for a pattern for this cozy, and I did promise that I would write it. I am currently knitting a 'hot water bottle cozy', designed for a little girls' room and I am writing the pattern as I go. I am a bit of free lance knitter, adding and deducting stitches as I go, so writing a pattern is a bit of a learning curve. I will add that it is also no surprise that I got myself into this... being a teacher and a former administrator I am very much used to writing manuals and procedural tasks.

So this is just to let you know that the pattern for SunchiB 'Hot Water Bottle Cozy- Enrelac Knitting' will be available soon. It will be listed in my Etsy store, so keep checking here or SunchiB facebook page for more information.

13 June, 2012

It is time for tea !!!

Something for me! 
It is winter here in Perth. This means more time spent indoors on those dark rainy days. Most of us are comfort creatures and we do like to get cozy, warm and comfortable on days like this. I did not have one before, but now I do - my very own tea pot cozy. The inspiration for this one came from Loani Prior, the queen of tea pot cozies. So if you look for ideas on how to make one, look no further than.... (see the link below)...
Off to make myself a pot of tea to check out how warm my tea will stay.....  ENJOY!!!   :), ♥

Loani Prior is the queen of "Really Wild Tea Cozies". Her tea pot cozies do stand out and she makes them into a piece of art. If you would like to learn more about this amazing lady and her work, you can take a peek into her blog @ The Queen of the Tea Cosies.

Last year, I purchased one of her books and decided to give it a go and try create one tea pot cozy for my  very own tea pot. When you are a passionate knitter, it is an absolute must that you have one of those. This is a great book, one of those you can have resting on your coffee table and use as an inspiration or a conversation starter.

The cozies, that we talk about here are no ordinary cozies. We are talking about tea pot garments! It goes something like this... first Loani teaches us to knit a petticoat, just to make sure that our tea pot stays nice and warm and then we create an outer garment for it. Her tea pot cozies are posh, they are beautiful and definitely worth making! You will absolutely love the finished product and enjoy your many cups of tea!

It is a hard job deciding which one to choose from her book, but this time I decided to go for a "Pot Sock Frock and Petticoat" as per the book... how amazing is this name... and how amazing does the finished cozy looks, please check the link! 


Although I am following the pattern in the book I decided to use the wool that I had leftover from my other projects, so I did enjoy playing with colours and deciding how to put them together. I have been working with plenty of earth tones lately, hence the chosen colours. It is such fun following Loani's patterns! I love the attention to detail that she puts into creating each and every cozy. She certainly goes that extra mile and that makes a huge difference in the finished product.


It is a cozy that is very smart, warm and cozy at the same time!

09 June, 2012

Revamping the old furniture

Love for the white furniture! There is something to be said for white furniture. It looks elegant, gives that fresh look, and breathes in fresh air to any room. I love to use different shades of white combined with earthy tones, such as different shades of gray, lime, taupe and cream, textured materials such hemp, linen, thick cotton, raw silk and occasional wicker chair, basket or a stool.

Paint colour: Colorbond "Evening Haze W"

Over the past several years I have converted several old wood pieces of furniture from plain wood look into a stylish white pieces. I will share some of my projects here on my blog and show "before & after" look. This old cupboard that I purchased in an op shop is a perfect example that shows how a lick of paint can give it a new life.

  1. I took the handles off
  2. Gave it a quick sand with the sand paper
  3. Applied the paint undercoat to make sure that paint seals well
  4. Three coats of paint will do the trick and make sure that there are no paint inconsistencies 
  5. The whole process takes 3-4 days but it is well worth it  


30 May, 2012

'Warm Chocolate' super chunky winter scarf

I am loving this super chunky knit. It takes a while to get used to knitting on the large needles but with a bit of practice it becomes super easy. This 'WARM CHOCOLATE' super chunky scarf is the second shade in my winter range and is done in one colour only. 

This is just a sneak preview of what it looks like. I am using PATONS wool, it is a very good quality mix that always looks good and is very warm around you neck. 

The finished product - coming up soon!

23 May, 2012

Giant Knit Scarf - Belgrade in Winter

Month of May, autumn in Perth, means cooler mornings and cooler nights. Light jumper and a chunky wool knitted scarf always does trick for me. They keep us warm, but they are also very easy to take off and can make such a wonderful wardrobe statement. This is my latest design in winter scarfs, knitted on super chunky needles with a super soft and chunky wool.

Whilst knitting this scarf, the whole time I have been thinking of my home country and Belgrade in winter, a city very dear to me, so this scarf will carry this memory in its name - 'Belgrade in Winter'

BELGRADE IN WINTER -  super chunky winter scarf

07 May, 2012

Laptop Bag for Her!

The 'custom order'  lap top bag is now finished and ready to go to its new owner. These are available from my Etsy store and they come with a complementary brooch in the matching colour of the flap on the bag.

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