30 July, 2011

Crocheting a circle with a single crochet stitches

Crochet floor cushion

Inspired by Anneli Martin,  I made this small crocheted floor cushion earlier this year, size 28cm in diameter. It is good to sit on in the cold winter day, or even snuggle up with. My 4 year old daughter loves it! It was really fun to make...

Transferring all of my knitting notes from my 'Sun e Productions' blog!

'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl, developed into a blog from my first blog 'Sun e Productions'. If you go to this blog, at least withing next couple of days, you will see still some left overs of knitting notes and pics. Today, I am purging through it and hoping to bring all of my knitting posts into this blog.


Tea Pot Cozy - knitted in 2007

Here is another one of my old designs. This is actually the one and only tea pot cozy that I ever knitted. However, as a part of a 'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl, there will be a range of 'cup' and 'tea pot' cozies. I am hoping to develop a range of designs... :)

29 July, 2011

Crochet rag rug - update & reflection

Crocheting with soft cotton is, a lot harder to handle when combining different colours and variations of patterns. To make sure that the fabric aligns, sometimes it is necessary to join every second stitch to the joining row of fabric in order to maintain gauge.

Along with this style of crocheting you need to be prepared to give long working hours, so if you have plenty of patience, ' have a go '. In this project, I am using 10mm crocheting needle, and a cut up cotton in 1cm strips. 

27 July, 2011

Crocheting with rags, bamboo cotton and wool

Light taupe fabric (recycling my  old "Sheridan - luxury bed linen" by cutting it into 1 cm strips) is complemented with the bambo cotton (colour natural); gives wonderful soft feel...

Bright pink sheets also recycled ("Sheridan - luxury bed linen" by cutting it into 1 cm strips), 
combined with 'Moda Vera' Beetle adds volume and durability

26 July, 2011

Crochet rug for little girls' room - in progress...

This project has become a rug for my 4 year old daughter. The colour scheme of her room is pastel tones of green, pink and purple. There will be two shades to this rug, bright pink and light taupe. I am going here for alternating horizontal strips of colour, just to add interest. There could be also an odd edge to this rug...

starting with bright pink

This is my colour combinations.

introducing light taupe - creates nice contrast 

24 July, 2011

Sneak preview - my new project

It is a winter season... spending a lot of time at home... creative ideas buzzing through my head...
What can possibly come out of this lot ???


Freddy Bear... my very first hand knitted toy

Requested by my 5 year old son, here comes the very first toy creation from 'Sunchi B'. I am hoping to have several toys as part of my product range... hmmm, maybe a rabbit or possibly a dinosaur?

May 2011

Baby throw... 2005

XOXOX.... well, it is all about hugs and kisses when it comes to babies. This one I made for my firstborn son, so it carries with it a lot of lovely warm memories... XOX, :)

My very first floor rug... 2005

This rug is very special - it is my very first floor rug. It is hand knitted out of 100% cotton textile in bright orange and lime green combined with wool. Satin is used to join the squares and I used hemp thread for fringing on each end. Therefore, we will use this as a prototype - one variation anyway, for my future floor rugs.

Couple more old designs... 2010

Here are two scarfs which I designed with the main focus on securing the scarfs, so that they don't slide off as you wear them.  It works really well, keeping the scarf wrapped around your neck beautifully. Especially useful when making wool scarfs for young children.

my little 4 year old daughter wears this scarf and she loves it...

23 July, 2011

Seed Neck Warmer

I love this scarf and I have been wearing it a lot lately. It is nice and short but very warm. The rose brooch helps secure the scarf, but it can be worn separately as well. With this knitting pattern, use different colours and variations are endless.

June 2011
Seed Neck Warmer Pattern:
1st row (RS) - K3, *P1, K3, rep from * to end.
2nd row - K1, P1, *K3, P1, rep from * to last st, K1
This forms a pattern, for this scarf I used 6.00mm needles

Beeautiful Criss-Cross Basket Weave Cabled Scarf

Here is one of my scarfs; I knitted this one in 2009. It has lovely pattern and I would like to try this one again, maybe bigger needles. One day...

21 July, 2011

Crochet Laptop Bag - Now ready to use!

In the bag - '16 inch screen laptop' - perfect fit!
I hope you like it, so please let me know what you think... 
All feedback is appreciated!

first sneak preview of the bag...

new equipment for 'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl

Cutting fabric in strips by hand is very time consuming, so to speed up the process, here is my brand new equipment: rotary cutter, self-healing mat and ruler for cutting fabric!

HOW EXCITING - cutting fabric made easy

crocheting in progress...

I have started the laptop bag and the texture of it is coming out beautifully. 3/4 of the bag and the full meter of the 'winter ponty' material is already gone; another 70cm of the full width should finish it.

1 meter of fabric makes 1 side of the bag


laptop bag - design layout

This will be a crochet project, and just before I start I need a design drawn out on the paper, as a guidance. This is just to guide me in the right direction, usually the way it works, I come up with the ideas as I go...

hand knitted laptop bag - material 'winter ponti'

This laptop bag will be part of  my product range, and this one is a  prototype. The idea came about due to lack of supply on the Perth market. There are only 'dull' black bags available for purchase and also none for 18'' inch laptop screen, which is the one I have. So, there is a 'need', or better yet 'want'.
These are the materials I am using  to make this laptop bag:
material is winter ponti (1.7m @ 140cm wide),
ball of wool is 'amber' by Panda (70% wool, 30% acrylic),
2 buttons are that natural wood look.
Fabric needs to be cut into 1cm wide strips:

Roll the cut out strips into a ball:

Now we are ready to knit or crochet, :)

new look - personalize it!

I wanted the blog to reflect my personal style, hence the background with earth tones and natural materials such as wicker, linen, cast iron, wool and wood. Spent most of the morning customizing my blog, it is time consuming but pleasing to the eye... :)

welcome to 'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl

'Sunchi B' Knit & Purl is happy to announce it's very own blog here at Blogger.  I am very passionate about knitting and crocheting and I like using fabrics as well as wool when working on my projects. 'Sunchi B' is the label that represents hand made products made out of natural materials, like wool, linen, silk and hamp in the the shades of white, beige, light and dark grey and shades of light brown. It's main focus will be on producing a range of homeware such as rugs, cushion covers, floor cushions and blankets as well as some personal accessories, such as personal laptop bag, scarfs and beanies.
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