21 July, 2011

hand knitted laptop bag - material 'winter ponti'

This laptop bag will be part of  my product range, and this one is a  prototype. The idea came about due to lack of supply on the Perth market. There are only 'dull' black bags available for purchase and also none for 18'' inch laptop screen, which is the one I have. So, there is a 'need', or better yet 'want'.
These are the materials I am using  to make this laptop bag:
material is winter ponti (1.7m @ 140cm wide),
ball of wool is 'amber' by Panda (70% wool, 30% acrylic),
2 buttons are that natural wood look.
Fabric needs to be cut into 1cm wide strips:

Roll the cut out strips into a ball:

Now we are ready to knit or crochet, :)

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