23 December, 2012


Christmas is just around the corner!
Thank you to all followers of my blog for their support. 
It has been another year of creation, new ideas and great networking.
I am very pleased with my giant throws and look forward to sharing new colours
and designs with you in the new year.

Keep in touch and stay tuned!
Sunchi  ♥

08 December, 2012

Tea Pot Cozy that comes with Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner... Festive, festive, festive!!!
This tea pot cozy is made of left over wool from the projects I worked on earlier in this year. I wanted to create a cozy that incorporates the giant knit that I am so in love with. I also wanted to learn a double cable knit... it looks so fantastic and rich on throws so I thought I'd start small and try make one on the tea pot cozy.

Here it is, my double cable knit... looking so stunning... don't you think? Only, next time I think I might try and go for a lighter colour because it seems to get lost in the dark wool knit. 

Here is my tea pot cozy photoed from the front. I thought that adding a silky ribbon would make it more festive, I guess I am all in the Christmas Season, feeling a bit festive and luxurious. I think that it would make any morning tea or brunch even more special. Pom pom at the top is there to accessorize but also to keep the tea super warm. 

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