30 May, 2012

'Warm Chocolate' super chunky winter scarf

I am loving this super chunky knit. It takes a while to get used to knitting on the large needles but with a bit of practice it becomes super easy. This 'WARM CHOCOLATE' super chunky scarf is the second shade in my winter range and is done in one colour only. 

This is just a sneak preview of what it looks like. I am using PATONS wool, it is a very good quality mix that always looks good and is very warm around you neck. 

The finished product - coming up soon!

23 May, 2012

Giant Knit Scarf - Belgrade in Winter

Month of May, autumn in Perth, means cooler mornings and cooler nights. Light jumper and a chunky wool knitted scarf always does trick for me. They keep us warm, but they are also very easy to take off and can make such a wonderful wardrobe statement. This is my latest design in winter scarfs, knitted on super chunky needles with a super soft and chunky wool.

Whilst knitting this scarf, the whole time I have been thinking of my home country and Belgrade in winter, a city very dear to me, so this scarf will carry this memory in its name - 'Belgrade in Winter'

BELGRADE IN WINTER -  super chunky winter scarf

07 May, 2012

Laptop Bag for Her!

The 'custom order'  lap top bag is now finished and ready to go to its new owner. These are available from my Etsy store and they come with a complementary brooch in the matching colour of the flap on the bag.

05 May, 2012

Work in Progress - Custom Order for Laptop Bag on Etsy

My first Custom Order on Etsy is for a Hand Crocheted Laptop Bag. I am really enjoying the making of it. It is nice to make each item individually and for each customer. I focus on little details aiming to make it the item that will stand out and make a conversation piece. Bag is nearly ready... here are few pics from the 'work in progress'...

pic1 (cutting the fabric)

pic2 (the textured body of the bag)

pic3 (preparing the button in matching fabric)

pic4 (button is now ready and looking beautiful)

02 May, 2012

Little Gentleman's Winter Scarf

Here comes a very simple scarf for little men who like to be stylish. Made out of 100% Acrylic, this scarf will last a long time and will keep little people warm in cold winter months. Made in garter stitch and using 4 different colors with fringing along the edge, it will make the little ones smile.

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