27 June, 2013

"Cousteau" Tea Pot Cozy

It looks like a diving helmet... we thought... hence 'Cousteau' after Jacques Cousteau, a famous Oceanographer!

Dark grey and sage continues to be the colour combination that dominates my mind. I can never get tired of it... it is calming and yet thought provoking....

This was just a quick project that came out of need. I bought this gorgeous tea pot a while ago that is a little bit skewed and as it was unlikely that I was going to find a tea pot cozy to match it... decided on one of my favorite, free lance knitting... measure-knit, measure-knit... and it worked!

It is a tight fit and it has crocheted edges to give it more definition and add interest.

As you know, all my creations have to have in their content at least one feature that is giant, so this time around- a giant pom pom, so woolly and soft under your hand.

Knitted using a set of round needles and a crochet hook.


19 June, 2013

Pattern for Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Here is the range of colour combinations that I played with when knitting this gorgeous 'hot water bottle cozy'. Imagination is your only limitation...

Another sale for this pattern today all the way to beautiful California...

Available to purchase @ (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/entrelac-hot-water-bottle-cozy-2)

Happy knitting & creating to all wonderful artists out there!

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