19 November, 2012

Giant Knit Throw - Design for Girls

This is a beautiful hand knitted throw designed for a little girl's room. It is a very soft shade of lilac colour that compliments most of the colours. It took me a while to get the measurements of this throw right but I finally got it. It is generous in size; 90 cm in width and 150 cm in length. This yarn is super chunky and it is made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool, so it is very soft under the skin. Throw like this uses 2kg of wool, so whilst it makes a statement in the room it is very cozy to snuggle up with too.

My little Garcelle is very much enjoying it! Just the other night she snuggled up with her visiting school friend Happy Hippo under the throw and they shared the Dr Seuss story!

16 November, 2012

Hot Water Bottle Cozy - design for boys

My latest cozy designed for boys comes in red & grey. It is complementary in color to the red hand crocheted floor rug that I made earlier in the year (shown in the photo). 

The cozy is lined up the whole length to keep the pattern in shape and is easily removable and washable. It is bright in color and great for children to snuggle up with in cold winter months or when the tummy is aching.

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