31 January, 2012

Over sized safety pins

I have been searching the net for the last couple of days in search of giant, over sized safety pins in the hope that I can find a supplier there somewhere... Not much luck so far, however I have found some great displays and have learned many ways in which they can be used. They are so versatile and the rustic / vintage look adds some extra drama to it... still searching for the right one, but in the meanwhile I leave you with this lovely collage that I made out of the ones that caught my eye.

If you browse my blog and have any suggestions as to where I could find over sized rustic safety pins, please let me know... 

27 January, 2012

25 January, 2012

Crochet Laptop Bag for 16 inch screen - New Design

This is my latest design in Laptop bags. Colour combination is dark gray / black / mustard. This is a very durable bag that is made to last. This bag used 3 meters of suiting fabric that is first cut into strips and then combined with strands of wool and is then crocheted with a chunky crochet hook. This is a carrying bag that is very strong.  

There are two straps on this bag; one is the strap to carry the bag on your shoulder and the second one is the hand strap, for you to carry the bag in your hand for convenience. The later one is also acting as a security lock on the bag, keeping the laptop safely in the bag.

There is something new that I learned in making this bag and that is: how to dress up the button in the fabric so that you can have a perfect fit in colour and pattern for your design. I got this little gadget from Spotlight and I absolutely love it!!! How lucky are we really to have all these things available to us... it is just so me to thank the inventor of this little thingy - I just so appreciate little things like that!

The bag is a perfect fit for a 16 inch laptop!

If it happens that you are a lady, you are a laptop owner and you would like to have a creative and cozy place for your laptop, this is the bag for you.  It can be made in any colour combination to match your clothes... imagination is the only limit here! I hope you like it... If you are browsing my blog and you like this bag or if you have any constructive feedback please let me know... I would love to hear your thoughts!

Let's now put it all together in a nice display...

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09 January, 2012

Back to work... accessorize with style

Well, most of you would have seen my personal bags by now! They are really designed to be useful, unique and possibly as a conversation piece accessory to match your own personal sense of style. So this year, 2012 is going to be all about targeting the several basic colours and developing a 'Sunchi B' range of personal bags as well as laptop bags for the creative modern business woman... more information coming up soon....

This bag came about as a matching accessory to a skirt from the gorgeous 'Thyme 4 T' fashion house that I recently received as a birthday present. 

MATCH CHECK (does this ring a bell?):

* outfit  (tick)
* bag (tick)
* shoes (tick)

So, now my beautiful new skirt has a matching bag... !!!

01 January, 2012

Have you ever found yourself go for a different style furniture only to find out that your lamp shade does not fit the style anymore... Why not knit the lampshade cover that is a perfect match...

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