25 February, 2012

Fabric crocheted bag - shades of sand

My latest addition to the Sunchi B range of personal bags! This bag is very strong and very elegant at the same time. It is crocheted using suiting fabric and just to add interest, for the flap of the bag I used satin in a very light beige color.

This is a very secure bag! It has a floating button loop which comes in the same colour as the main body of the bag, making it seem invisible. The loop is nicely secured under the flap, so that when closed, it is not putting any pressure on the satin flap. 

As you can see from bellow, the loop sits nicely around the button.

This bag has a matching fabric button to add to the handmade, unique look- 'the latest addition to my range of bags'.

10 February, 2012

Stepping stones in knitting a cozy/warm winter throw

I have started my new project - I am knitting a throw for the lounge room. I am using very earthy tones and there are 4 main colours that I am working with. This throw is very interesting to knit because you can use your imagination as you go and combine the colours in any way you like. Here is a little sneak preview of what it might look like:

One of the main challenges is that it is knitted out of individual square pieces that are stitched together  to make a beautiful large blanket, so the main skill in this project is the sewing of  the pieces together. To get that seamless blend between the squares, it is best to use 'Mattress Stitch Seam'. Sewing the seams should be done as neatly as possible to achieve that professional finish; this makes it the most time consuming part of the project as well.

If done properly, the squares joined together need to look neat on either side of the project. It is worth spending some extra time on this because only when you get that smoothness in between the squares will you be truly happy with the result. I like sometimes to stitch two pieces together that run in opposite directions in the way they are knitted (eg. vertical next to horizontal) as per below :

The joint between the squares should look very neat on either side of the finished project:

And of course, one can attach squares of matching directions (horizontal next to horizontal) as per the image bellow:

Until next time, :)

04 February, 2012

'Laptop bag with a Scarf' Set - now available in my Etsy Shop

This is my first week of trading as a shop on Etsy. There is just so much to learn about setting up an Etsy shop. It took me a while to organize it all and I am sure that I will learn a lot more along the way. I am very excited to be part of this amazing network and it is just so inspiring to see the amazing work of all other artists. There is just so much attention to detail that each one of those artists put into their work and it is lovely to see the passion that goes along with the production of their goods.

receive 15% OFF any item from my shop by quoting a coupon code # LAPTOPBAGANDSCARF4U, for one week only - valid 5th til 12th February 2012

Come and check out my new shop and keep checking for any new items.
You can find me at Etsy @:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/SunchiBKnitandPurl

If you would like to learn more about my products, you can find me:

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