19 September, 2011

Light Summer Bag - Inspiration starter

I got nearly 6 meters of this light gray fabric from a wonderful artist Trish Bygott on my recent visit to her very inspirational boutique in Fremantle. I thought I might use it to make a light summer bag. Today I spent time preparing this fabric for my crochet / knit  bag project (time will tell which one will it be). It is such a wonderful natural colour that can be combined with stronger tones to add a bit of glamour. So, as I was cutting this fabric, colour combinations were storming through my mind and then I remembered that I used to have a bright  green,  satin colour skirt that I can't fit into anymore that might just work the wonders with this light gray.

Still brainstorming, but thinking a light summer bag... maybe?

Light Summer Bag in progress

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