08 March, 2012

CGKS Bag - Bag of Crochet / Giant Knit / Sewing

It really was a lot of fun making this bag. I spent most of today sewing together several bits and pieces that were necessary for this bag. Crochet and giant knit, which make the main part of my bags, this time around needed to be complemented with a flap made using my sewing machine, to balance out the rustic tone of the bag. So, out came my sewing machine and the picture below captures this creative day! I am fairly new to sewing, so it took a long time to make the lining and the flap of the bag neat and professional looking. Hooray for a job well done!!!

I like to have good resources around myself, so the book on sewing by Lisa Stickley that I bought last year came in very  useful indeed.  FANTASTIC BOOK - VERY RESOURCEFUL & full of good tutorials on how to sew different things. 

My latest design - a bag flap that keeps the bag safe and is decorative looking at the same time.

This bag features the front and back side in a giant knit so the perfect fit was to make couple of crocheted roses sticking out in between couple of giant stitches. I made roses in this amazing colour green and the other in light sand, so it seemed necessary for the bag flap to reflect these tones, whilst adding some interest to the bag. I JUST LOVE HOW THESE COLOURS WORK TOGETHER :)
Each side of the bag, front and back, are made with giant knit and lined up with black satin that keeps the knitting in place. The bag flap is made out of soft suede in black, and below that is green and sand in natural 100% linen.

This bag is very strong with a strap that is crocheted in one piece. This is a large bag. The base of the bag is 30 cm wide and 20 cm deep and the sides are 30 cm tall. It is 60 cm long, inclusive of the strap. This bag will be available for CUSTOM ORDER - made especially for you, so if you like it please let me know  :)

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