27 December, 2011

It is just so important to remember to be grateful... :)

What an amazing year of creativity!!! Just tonight I have finished my last creation for the year 2011... it looks amazing. I say this only because it was a free style knitting project and as such, I kept adding and subtracting stitches, changing techniques as I went...  I simply did not imagine this home ware item would look  the way it does now.

Can you guess what this is..?

I am one of those people who get such a kick out of creating new things and developing new ideas and having said this I know that I am not the only one... :)

Additional edging for enhanced effect!

Have you ever had that feeling of giving everyone else credit but yourself for what you have done?

Yes, I am talking about INSPIRATION!!!

Inspiration is a driving force of creation. It keeps us / the world going, but even more so, it plants the seed in the garden of our thoughts and then it is all up to us... Tonight I was knitting, crocheting and stitching , combining all basic techniques and as I was doing so all I could think of is all the people that have inspired me this year to all of whom I am very grateful.

Is it easier to figure out what it is now?

So this post is about reflecting on 2011 and giving my thanks to all wonderful people that I worked with this year with and who have truly inspired me. Here is my little list:
  1. my beautiful parents who continue to inspire me every day
  2. my aunt Nada and uncle Alan for bringing me to Australia 
  3. my hubby and my beautiful children - for alowing me to be who I am
  4. my beautiful friend Erika, the owner of Algerika Design - for introducing me to blogging and encouraging me to embrace my creative side
  5. my wonderful friend Sandee, the owner of Thyme 4 Tea for just being there to share many of our creative moments
  6. Trudi Pollard, the owner of PollardDesigns - for being a fabulous artist and a constant source of energy
  7. Trisha Bagott, the owner of Madam Bukeshla, - for opening the doors of her amazing shop to 'Sunchi B' products and being yet another creative force that produces such a unique and superb quality garments
  8. Bloggers - this wonderful community of creative people who dedicate their time to share their projects on-line and who continue to inspire me with their talents and professionalism
  9. Magazines - designers and every day people who care about comfort and art and who continue to put the two together... (Inside Out, Living Etc, Elle Decoration, Real Living, Country Living... are only several of my favorites, ♥)
  10. Finally, remembering that today the Earth kept moving, the Sun kept shining and I had plenty of food    :)


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