04 December, 2011

Custom made floor rug

I can make these rugs to any size fit. This beautiful red rug is 100% cotton and it comes in size 1100 x 900 mm. It is made out of 11 meters of pure cotton fabric and it is made in one continuous strip. It is smooth, soft under your fit and double faced, looking the same on either side. This is a hand made rug, made with a giant crochet needle and this size rug takes 3.5 working days to make, i.e 28 hours.


  1. Gorgeous! How do you cut the fabric into one continuous strip?

  2. Hi Cristina,
    I usually use roller cutter to cut the fabric... but in case of this floor rug I was cutting fabric by hand as I went... it was a very lengthy process as it involved 11 meters of fabric... the end product showed it was worth it, :)
    Thank you for stopping by... and for the lovely comment!


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