14 October, 2011

Warm and soft floor pad for the little bums and feet

Anyone with little children knows how much they enjoy spending time on the floor. Regardless of how many times we tell them to get off that cold floor, and whilst they might happily agree with you and move away, it is only a matter of seconds before they are there again rolling on the floor, and the story repeats itself over and over again. With this in mind, the 'Sunchi B' floor range delivers this simple hand knitted 'floor pad',  made out of felt, warm and comfy just the way little bums and little feet like it. It is very light, easy to carry around and it measures 41cm x 32cm! I hope you like it.

If you like IKEA, and you happen to have this stylish reclining chair ,
you may want to use this pad on this reclining chair too!

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