11 September, 2015

My new home office!

After 8 years of living in our house, it just recently dawned on me that I could convert a tiny  little storage room on the side of our house into an office. Not many people around me believed this would work, my husband included... so Jake, today is quite happy to admit that I was right!

It is best to share the final product first and then show the nutshell from which this little room emerged. So, here it is, my gorgeous office that is small but magnificent in the amount of work material that it can store...


However, this super organised room, once upon a time, looked like this... :(

The front of the office looks very stylish now too, I painted the frame 'deep ocean' to match the gutters of the roof and for the aesthetic appeal, I put an over-sized pot with one of my senior trees on the side ... grown over 10 years to reach this size.

Strangely enough, when we bought this house, this little side room didn't have a door - we are not sure why... Any-who, we left it as such for a very long time because we didn't have time to work on it nor any clear idea what to do with the room. 

It was only last year, when I went back to working full time as a teacher, after being at home raising our children for 8 years, that I found myself all of a sudden with many text-books, novels, files and papers residing on my dining room floor cluttering up the space. Oh, I hated that so much.... and then it dawned on me... the side room... if only....

Have a look at what it looked like up until not too long ago... :(

I wanted to share this post to show how even the smallest of places can be converted into a very workable space that can work really well as an office or even a kid's play room. It is for whatever the family needs it the most.

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