04 November, 2011

Crocheted teddy bear - Meet Chester

I have been working on a market version of my prototype teddy bear that I made earlier in the year. Although the prototype was knitted, I have decided to go for a crocheted look. Why? It is so much easier to make and you can make almost the whole teddy in one go.  Curious what it looks like? Here it is, Sunchi B presents to you 'Chester -  the crocheted teddy bear'.

Here I am sharing the process that went into making this cuddly teddy bear. I started off by crocheting a circle for a teddy's foot and from there I built it into a leg.

Then, I crocheted a second leg.  I joined the two legs by making a crocheted link between the two, and by adding and deducting the stitches, I defined the body of the teddy.

The teddy's head and arms were crocheted separately and then secured to the body. I crocheted the ears by creating new stitches of the each side of the head and then crocheting them to the desired length. The green scarf was knitted separately and then secured around the neck, so that it wouldn't come off. 

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